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Corporate Advisor (Aviation & Airforce)

Brig Gen Dato’ Tuan Mustapha Haji Tuan Hussin RMAF (Retired) is one of HESB’s main player. Started his career as early as 1984, Dato’s Tuan Mustapha had thirty-six years of experience in military aviation, with over ten years in leadership positions in training and operational helicopter squadrons as well as staff appointments. He has also been appointed as a Command includes Commanding Officer of RMAF Helicopter Flying Training School and two RMAF major bases in Subang and Butterworth.

Qualified Helicopter Instructor since 1992, trained safety and aircraft accident investigator since 1993, and qualified experimental test pilot since 1995. His various experiences include, managed a helicopter acquisition program for Malaysian government (project cost RM 1.6 billion), conducted an accident investigations for RMAF (including one fatal accident), conducted a helicopter flight testing (post installation of auto-hover on RMAF Nuri helicopter fleet), flight evaluation of RMAF and Malaysian Army helicopter procurement program and flight training.

Corporate Advisor (Maritime, Navy & Coast Guard)

Commander Dato’ Abdul Rahman Husain RMN (Retired) retired from Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN) on June 2000 after served the nation for 25 years. Throughout his career in the RMN, he was in charge in tremendous management position including Commanding Officer and Navy Advisor (NA1) towards two Chief of Royal Malaysian Navy.

A graduate from Advanced Diploma in Business Engineering, UniversitiTeknologi Malaysia (UTM) collaborated with Warrick University, he also engaged in various Navy and professional training. One of it was the Logistics and Transport Management and he was later then, to be successfully accepted as the Member Chartered Institute of Logistics and Management in the United Kingdom.

Upon his retirement from RMN, he was then pursuing his career as a General Manager in a company of MTU Services (M) SdnBhd and later join BHIC Bofors Asia SdnBhdas Chief Executive Officer.

Corporate Advisor (Surveillance & Reconnaissance Solutions)

He has an experienced over 10 years in the satellite industry. From satellite development to the end user application, he began his carrier in 2005 as an engineer to develop testing equipment at Portsmouth, United Kingdom. In 2008, he went back to Malaysia and started his career in the space industry as an electronic engineer. Throughout the years, he conducted researches, designed and develop either satellite hardware or software. He has been significantly involved in multi-disciplinary experience especially in business and strategic marketing development as well and programmatic issues, engineering implementations, and financial aspects. He has been successfully completed several of a multi-million-dollar project either for private sector or government throughout the years.

For the last 5 years, he has been focusing related to the end-user requirement based on the space application that includes satellite and ground segment. Recently, he has been awarded and successfully delivered surveillance maritime vessel traffic system for Kuantan Port, which includes Radar System, Voice communication, Long Range CCTV system and Automatic Identification System. With his expertise and vast network in the Surveillance System industry, he is capable to bring any solutions needed by the end user.

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