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In the name of God, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful;

We fully understood, safety is cost by nature. If we lose our safety, we have to pay it in terms dollars and reputation. If we keep it in place, we absolutely gain more benefits  and excellent credibility. As a business entity, we do not compromise them, thus making us collectively uphold safety as our paramount agenda by continuously:

  1. Educate ourselves with safety knowledge
  2. Equip ourselves with safety conciousness
  3. Train ourselves to aware, concern and practice safety
  4. Ideologue ourselves that safety needs to be observed anytime, anywhere and by whoever

We are part of this world, where HEALTH is our life, SAFETY is our body and ENVIRONMENT is our senses. Our commitments to SHE requirement are as good as protecting our very own life, body and perfect senses.



Mohd Rahim Sahat
Managing Director

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