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Harapan Erat delivers smart military and government solutions in order for them to complete their missions successfully. Our unique solutions ability to leverage technologies across commercial and military market segments provides increase flexibility as well as reduced the total lifecycle and acquisition costs through open systems and commercial-off-the-shelf technology solutions.

Backed by the global network of services and supports, we stand committed to put technology and innovation to work whenever and wherever you need us because when proven performance is everything.


HESB keeps military forces connected, even in complex and rapidly changing environments with our communication systems solutions. Our modernized military communication systems solutions and sophisticated software-defined radio technologies provide advanced effectiveness within and between domains. It is not only our solutions span the entire operational spectrum, they integrate seamlessly with existing platforms at very low operating costs”


  • Special Force Communication
  • HF/ UHF/ VHF Radio
  • Secured Communication
  • Amateur Radio

HESB carries the product by a Korean company called Ziwoo Information & Technology Inc where it carries following advantages:

i) Users experience as if they are using real weapons and shooting with proper body postures.

  • ‘Tetherless’ and produce 80% recoil effects.
  • Connect and use real weapons mounted with Ziwoo’s Bolt Carrier Assembly.
  • Uses pressurized carbon dioxide gas. Shooting can be manual, burst and automatic.
  • The laser module is mounted on high precision and precise simulation gun nozzles.

ii)Minimalcost of shooting training compared to the live bullet.

  • Carbon dioxide supplied in a 10-liter jar can be loaded into Ziwoo’s compressed rechargeable gas-charge magazine to produce 30 thousand shots.

iii)The portable simulated system that can be installed in a narrow area

iv) Easy to carry in locations to suit the needs of users.

v) It records the shooting accuracy score, can be analyzed and stored for the purpose of each user’s coaches and coaching aspects.

vi) Training scenarios can be diversified and built according to the needs of users.


Gitsn with its brand, Alpha-S System that also carry by HESB is used for Secure Zone Procurement of Wireless Eavesdropping and Technical Surveillance Counter Measure in order to:

i) Secure safe zone can be monitored from User Central Monitoring Center in real time.

ii) Equipment may be combined with a ‘jammer’ (if required) to prevent leakage of information as soon as the ‘illegal transmission’ activity is detected for less than a second.

iii) Capable of recording and demodulating audio and video that is attempted by eavesdropping bugs to access the level of leakage of information.

iv) Able to detect all types of advanced wireless eaves dropping capabilities such:

  • Operating bug with bluetooth frequency hopping.
  • Operating a bug under ‘threshold frequency’ or ‘noise’ (This technology is patented).
  • GSM bug-activation by calls to mobile phones.

HESB carries a brand of HELISOTA from Lithuania where it is an international provider of integrated maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) services for rotorcraft aviation.

HELISOTA UAB is working successfully in the aviation field for more than half of century. Our technical and management staff has a proven history of expertise and commitment to the industry.

Besides, having complete in-house overhaul and modification capabilities and being one of the top suppliers of spare parts for Mi-series, Robinson, Airbus and other type helicopters, HESB with HELISOTA top priority is to be trusted partner supporting helicopter operators.

HELISOTA solutions:

i) MRO:

  • Helicopters MRO Services
  • Components Solutions
  • Spare Parts Supply
  • Upgrades and Conversions
  • Engineering Services
  • MRO Facilities Solutions


  • Infrastructure Solutions
  • Integrated Maintenance Services
  • Aircraft Acquisition Solutions
  • Consultancy Services
  • Logistics Solutions


  • Maintenance Personnel
  • Flight Crew
  • Aviation Management

HESB is partnering with reputable global radar system providers and professional expert which specializing in providing affordable and quality radar system solutions for security and safety applications.


  • Ground Surveillance Radar
  • Air Surveillance Radar
  • Coastal Surveillance Radar
  • Vessel Traffic Services
  • Naval Radar Surveillance
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